1 . Setup your keywords correctly. It helps if you keep both text and voice keywords as same word or phrase. Your audience remember it easily and do not get confused.

2 . Design and print your flyers to promote as appropriate, click on marketing tools.

3 . Promote your show on social media with keywords. Facebook, and Twitter both are integrated on our platform, with few clicks you can promote your show on both platforms.

4 . Import your contacts and send them emails and SMS to let them know about your show.

5 . Advertise your keywords along with 1-THIS IS SHOW. It’s easy for anyone to get in touch if they know what your show is about.

6 . Create tickets to sell and allocate proper number of tickets of each kind.

7 . Anything else you need just, email orgsupport@thisisshow.com and we will get in touch right away.