Text Enabled, Toll Free and Unique

1-THIS IS SHOW (1-844-747-7469) is unique text enabled, toll free number with high recall value. Audience can connect with organizers by calling or texting this number with keyword for show.

On Demand Coupons/Message

When a caller calls and opts-in to receive text/coupons, or texts with your show keyword, the system can automatically send out your designated message to the caller as text. This message can be a discount coupon, show address, link, map, or any special information.

SMS and Email Campaigns

You can send personalized text or email messages to your contact list. Create and use custom templates for emails and SMS messages. Track each SMS and Email campaign related to each show you organize.

Call Routing

1-THIS IS SHOW can be routed to any working USA or Canada phone number. When the caller chooses your code or says your voice keyword, the call is forwarded to you, you will see the caller ID of the caller, and all calls are logged in your call history. The call is recorded for your review as well.

Route calls to one or more phones seamlessly. Intelligent call routing based on area code of call origination can be availed by upgrading the service. You can also have multiple phones ring at the same time. For more information on advanced features
please contact customer support.

Text and Voice Keywords

You can select one custom voice keyword and one custom text keyword related to show you are organizing until the show date. You can ask your audience to text your text keyword or say your voice keyword when they call 1-THIS IS SHOW. Upon opt-in by the caller your promotional text message or coupon is automatically sent out as a text message.

Unlimited contacts

Every unique phone number that called or texted you is added to your contact group. However you can upload your own contact list using excel format as provided. There is no limit to how many contacts you can have and use.

Customizable Templates

You can create and use customizable templates for SMS/Text and email messages to your contacts. Templates are suited for most of your needs. If you need anything specific, please do let us know to add them to your template library.

Automatic Scheduling

You can plan ahead and schedule your SMS/Text and email campaigns for any specific day and time in future and not worry about missing the opportunity. Scheduling SMS/Tests and emails ahead of time gives you flexibility and lets you take control of time to communicate with your contacts.

Real time Call, Text and Email reports

We provide very robust dashboard with real time reporting on all the activity on phone calls, SMS and Email campaigns on your account. You have options to communicate directly with your contacts via text or email with few clicks.

Voicemails to Email

If a voicemail is received, it will show the status as voicemail and recording will be available on call report. Your voicemail is emailed to you as well.

General Feature list

  • No hardware or software to install.
  • Send out discounts, deals and/or coupons to callers mobile instantly while they are on call.
  • Upload unlimited contacts.
  • Build and maintain CRM
    • Add name , email and other data to any caller’s number
    • Manage Opt in information
      • Opt in information is collected from each caller or text and updated
  • Create and track as campaigns for your shows.