Lowest fees

Lowest fee in the industry. Compared to other sites, which charge upwards of 3% or per ticket set fee on top of percentage of ticket price. At THIS IS SHOW you pay only 1.75% of the ticket price as service fee no other fee.

No service fee on every 5th (fifth) paid ticket purchase.

On top of low service fee, every fifth ticket is without service fee for same named person. If you buy ticket for yourself, first 4 times you pay the fee, the 5th time, 10th time 15th time you do not pay service fee for your own ticket purchase at THIS IS SHOW.

Annual subscription to avoid ticket fee altogether, Purchase unlimited show tickets at one flat fee per year.

To make it even better, pay one annual fee and book ticket for unlimited shows with the same named person. You pay one annual fee, and you can buy yourself any show ticket without service fee for the year.

Call, Click or Text (mobile app soon)

You can reach the show portal, show organizer or even show artist by using easy to remember domain name, or text enabled phone number 1-THIS IS SHOW (1-844-747-7469)

Retrieve tickets by SMS

You can print your tickets or to go green, retrieve it from your email or better yet, just text “tickets” to 1-THIS IS SHOW and your latest ticket link will be delivered in SMS/Text right away. The phone number you text from has to be same as registered phone number. Text charges may apply as per your phone carrier*.

Connect with show organizer or artists using text and voice keywords.

You can text the keyword for your show and can get any special information, including any discounts that the show organizers offer from time to time. Alternatively you can call 1-THIS IS SHOW and say the show voice keyword for the show to connect with show organizer and also receive special message or discounts from organizers.

Share the shows

You can share the shows or variety of social networks to invite and let your contacts appraised of your show interests.

Voice your opinion about shows

You can write comments, review the show you attend so that the organizers will have opportunity to do even better the next time you experience similar or same artist/s shows.

Vote for your artists

You can also vote and invite your favorite artists to come to your city, or neighborhood. Organize will be most likely honor your vote and you get to see the artists you like.