Yoga Meditation Hour ( Time) Art of Living Santa Clara Center, 2368 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States

Show TimeWed, Jan 31 12:00 PM
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Join us for this free happy hour session forGentle #YogaGuided #MeditationBreathing Techniques that can be practised at homeLearn about Techniques that you can incoporate in your daily routineIn this digital age our world seems to be in a constant motion. We are either caught up in managing our job or taking care of family or other challenges in life. Often times, meeting daily demands can become an uphill task. This results in depletion of energy in the body and mind leading to negative #thoughts and #emotions. How can we reverse the situation?Yoga and meditation are highly effective tools that help still the #mind and settle the racing thoughts. The challenge is to learn the right set of techniques that can be done practically on a daily basis.This session also serves as an introduction to Happiness Program where you can learn Sudarshan kriya, a breathing technique that is highly effective in managing mind and emotionsRelevant Scientific Research[1] #stress #breath #mindfulness #health #spirituality #awareness #pranayam #relationships #peace #love #yoga #self improvement RSVP:

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